Indiana K of C State Deputy is Asking for Your Help

Indiana State Council

The Indiana Knights of Columbus State Deputy, Scott Schutte, is asking all Indiana Knights of Columbus members to help raise funds to revitalize the buildings and grounds at Campagna Academy in Schererville, Indiana. Gibault acquired the facility in February 2023 and many of the facilities were not up to Gibault’s standard of care. This project is a large undertaking, and the appeal is hoping to raise $60,000 to further upgrade the Campagna Campus.

The project includes completing all the renovations in the living units, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, and drinking fountains designed for a safe living environment. The second part of the project is to renovate the tennis courts and turn them into pickleball courts. The projected start date for the entire project is Fall 2023 for the living unit refurbishment, and Spring 2024 for the pickleball courts.

Gibault is committed to providing a quality campus for our children in Northwest Indiana that is up exemplifies the level of care expected by our Indiana Knights. With the help of the Knights, we can continue the mission of providing life-changing opportunities to the children in residential care on the Campagna Campus. Thank you for your continued support.

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